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The Mayflower Maid by Sue Allan
The First Book in the New World trilogy

400 years ago a group of like-minded men and women fled England and religious persecution to start a new life on a new continent – America. One woman’s story begins here…

In the infant colony of Plymouth in 1623 a women lies consumed with fever. In her delirium she insists her name is not the one everyone has come to know and love her by.

The story of Dorothy’s tragic journey amongst the Pilgrim Fathers is a vivid and moving account of a pivotal moment in history. The story of how she became the Mayflower Maid is an unforgettable tale of love and loss set amidst the strife and religious bigotry of Seventeenth Century England.

Printed Version: £7.99 plus p&p
Amazon Kindle Download Version: £2.89


Jamestown Woman by Sue Allan
The Second Book in the New World trilogy

Follow the story in Virginia where having weathered the perils of the Mayflower’s voyage and the early days of the Plymouth colony, Dorothy nee Bessie and her husband Thomas are cast adrift into even more stormy and dangerous waters. Seventeenth century politics are a violent and deadly business as they are about to find out in the harsh realities of those dark colonial days.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p
Amazon Kindle Download Version: £2.89


Restoration Lady by Sue Allan
The Third Book in the New World trilogy.

The much anticipated finale to this wonderful story following events in post civil war England.

Stripped of her title and wealth Bessie faces revenge from past enemies, accusations of witchcraft and the catastrophes of the plague and Great Fire of London.

This concluding part of the New World Trilogy is gripping reading for all followers of Bessie – the Mayflower Maid.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p
Amazon Kindle Download Version: £2.89


Tudor Rose by Sue Allan

The story of Rose Hickman is one of the most fascinating untold tales of British history. Its pathways lead from Elizabethan Lincolnshire out to the Pilgrim Fathers, the English Revolution, and American War of Independence. With great sensitivity and all the instincts of a natural story teller, Sue Allan has immersed herself in Rose’s riveting life story, and in the people, landscapes and places that Rose knew, to tell the tale of an extraordinary person in extraordinary times. No one understands Rose better, and no one is better placed to tell this wonderful tale.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p


Living in Hope by Sue Allan

A collection of three stories about three women from the same family – Mary Hendren from County Antrim born in 1793, Mary Ann Wetherup from Ontario in 1850 and Edith May Masters from South London born in 1899. The book depicts the three women who each faces her demons in her own way and convey the atmosphere of each time and place.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p


This England by Michael Bliss

The country is in chaos. As political, ethnic and religious tension continues to manifest itself across the towns and cities of England, society falls further and further out of control.
The government is losing its grip and as a doomsday scenario beckons an unlikely hero emerges. But is it too late to save ‘This England.’

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p


Silly Devils by John Witherden

Hell has its problems as well you know! Lord Satan’s bean counters have decided that Beelzebub (BigB) who looks after our insignificant planet has fallen below quota in sending souls to everlasting Damnation!

So BigB and his assistant Humphrey P Bottle have a bit of a think and come up with a strategy to turn whole towns over to evil but which town to choose! Capetown? Baghdad? Caracas? No? What about the Sussex market town of Haywards Heath, which has the right blend of pomposity, hypocrisy, apathy, evil and that English trait …..self-delusion?

Oliver Lollipop, a Devil along with his wife and two golem teenagers are sent down to run the new project harvesting souls but there is a distinct possibility that BigB and Humphrey have underestimated Oliver’s ineptitude as he encounters a vegetable loving vicar, a gang of violent pensioners, a middle-class coven of witches, a bad tempered leprechaun and a Queen Arthur (don’t ask) with disastrous but hilarious results.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p
Amazon Kindle Download Version: £2.89


Dangerous Secrets by John Witherden
First book in the Brothers of the Sword series

Harry Woods innocently starts working for the 800 year old Order of God’s Children on the marketing of their crusade for a return to moral responsibility and strict discipline.

But he discovers the evil beneath the cloak of their religious respectability – they are going to take action now and they don’t care how many sinners die.

Harry didn’t want this dangerous knowledge and is now caught up in a future that will break his family apart and subject him to physical and mental terror.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p
Amazon Kindle Download Version: £2.89


The Agreement by John Witherden
Second book in the Brothers of the Sword series

Maggie Woods, a school teacher, encounters the realities of the new religious dictatorship. She becomes an unmarried mother and has to kidnap her own new born son to prevent him being taken away to a religious orphanage as it is illegal to have a child out of wedlock.

But her troubles really start when she has to go on the run and falls into the hands of murderous Druids before signing an agreement with the Holy Department of Retribution to betray her father in order to ensure she does not lose her new born son.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p
Amazon Kindle Download Version: £2.89


The Aftermath by John Witherden
Third book in the Brothers of the Sword series

Brother Hugh is a senior accountant in the Holy Ministry of Justice and is insulated from the extremes of the new religious dictatorship until he is forced to witness the punishment meted out to a venal vicar by the sadistic Holy Department of Retribution.

His old life crumbles away, he loses his girlfriend, he breaks the Sixth Commandment, becomes reluctantly involved in a power struggle within the Order of God’s Children, makes an enemy of the sadistic Brother Charles whilst also being on the death list of a fanatical band of Druids.

Meanwhile the other members of the Woods family have their own problems including kidnapping, insanity and hungry lions.

The events culminate in an exciting climax at Craworth Abbey with plenty of violence and retribution.

Printed Version £7.99 plus p&p
Amazon Kindle Download Version: £2.89

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