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About Cactus Books


The Wit & Humour books are for people who want to add sparkle to their presentations, speeches, lectures, writing and conversation but don’t have time to search for apt quotations.

Humour can be used to illustrate a point or suppport an argument.
It helps establish personal rapport, defuse anger, and provoke thought as well as
laughter. It is a vital ingredient of an after-dinner speech.

“Satire is a sword; it is meant to make people feel the point as well as see it”
GK Chesterton

Most dictionaries have innumerable headings which yield very few quotations. Each of our books
is devoted to a particular trade, profession, or interest. It has enabled us to provide a far wider
choice of material than you can find elsewhere, including the internet.


The Series is edited by William Davis, a journalist, author,
broadcaster and public speaker with an international reputation.
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