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About domtom.

Literally a breath of fresh air for book writers


You have found your way to domtom publishing, literally a breath of fresh air for book writers.

domtom publishing was founded by people with a lifelong love of reading. They recognised that there was a huge untapped and unknown writing talent being ignored by the major publishing houses that deserved the chance of being read by a wider public.

Today, the need for an honest, independent and pro-active company to guide individuals through the difficult process of book publishing has never been more acute. For hundreds of years authors and publishers have formed alliances in pursuit of literary excellence, business success and worldwide fame. History tells us that to achieve such success even the most accomplished book demands knowledge, effort, diligence and a decent slice of luck.

At domtom our mission is to offer a new and innovative approach to the traditional methods of getting a book to print by breaking free from the restrictive distribution practices often found in the publishing world. We have the knowledge, we will supply the effort, act diligently and keep our fingers crossed!



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